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Hello Members..
Most of pepoles who love indian clothings always have sari/saree. as you know saree is over 6 yard wrap with many kind of zari and printed borders and pallu.. some time when you get bored to wear your sari.. you can still use them in diffrent ways.. you can make with your old sari..
Sari curtains, Pillow covers from pallu section, Harem pants , beautiful skirt and choli, Quilts and bed spreads... Many pepoles use them for table covers hand bags.. if you have ideas what have you used your old beautiful sari.. if you can take your time and discribe it may help to other members.. to use them old sari....please also discribe how do you use pallu and border of sari...
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India Bazaar
  • A while ago, I purchased two cheap (and I do mean cheap) sari's off of ebay. The one was even faded on the pallu and down part of the rest of the sari. Total dissapointment! So I cut off the faded part and made a great belly dancing skirt out of the rest and made a panel skirt out of the choli piece. I made a skirt out of the other sari as well (although it was a different pattern and it didn't turn out as nicely) so now I'm re-cutting it up to make a choli out of. (pictures of the panel skirt and skirt are in my album... burgundy sari material)

    Beginning of the year I purchased two more sari's off of ebay (these are better quality and it was before I found Ajay.) I am doing my bedroom over and I plan to hang the one sari from the ceiling and drape the length over head and foot board of my metal sleigh bed. The heavy pallu I plan on cutting off (which pains me to think of doing it.. hopefully I'll have the nerve to do it) and making a huge throw pillow for on the bed.

    Sari fabric is my favorite. The colors are so vibrant and the edges & pallu are simply amazing!!!!
  • I have 2 saris. One was a birthday gift and the other purchased off of ebay. I was going to use both of them for costumes but they were so beautiful I didn't have the heart to cut them up. So I just draped them over a wooden rod and hung them up in my office as wall hangings.
    • I finally got a picture of my current favorite sari draped over my bed as a canopy. (its not the best photo in the world... sorry) I love the colors in it.... even if they don't match the current shades of my room. Someday I plan on repainting the entire room and getting new bedclothes for the bed..... the palu is emerald green with heavy gold embroidery and the rest of the sari is a rich, deep wine color.

      (currently) this is my favorite sari but its quite fancy and I'm not sure if I would ever wear it out, but would never think of cutting it up, so I am using it this way. I feel like a princess when I wake up in the morning. :)

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