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Hello Members..
We have founded new group for indian clothing.. since you most are belly dancers.. Indian blouse called choli.. is mostly used in most bellydance costumes.. i have a picture in my picture section as CHOLI DESIGNS it will be really fun for you if you are designer.. you can design various kind of choli.. i dont know how to post picture here otherwise i will add diffrent kind of choli designs.. later we can post how you can make harem pants skirts etc with sari farbic...
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  • are all cholis so short or can they be longer, not showing the belly? is it the traditional way to be showing the belly?

    I am wondering how much the british victorians influenced the length of the choli. :)

    this is the part of indian dress that i love, the choli. isn't it strange that i love it more than the sari! but i do. and I am thinking that it would be nice in cotton/spandex. does this exist?
    • Hi, everyone. Nice to be here in Indian Clothing tribe.

      Yes, I have a few spandex cholis. I'm just now sewing a new one together that's stretchy rayon, which is a velvet look-alike. Works great for Cholis.... nice stretch, hugs the body shape, super easy to sew (doesn't fray), and a rich looking finish. Also quite cool in the heat, unlike velvet.

      I like both long and short choli, depending on the sari or dhoti I wear it with.

      Good question about the Brits. Goody-goody on the outside, but oh so naughty on the inside. ;>

      Thanks so much for the neckline picture, Ajay. A very helpful resource!

      • yes, i LOVE the necklines picture. they are such beautiful designs which make even the simplest material look special.

        Jahnava, did you sew all of your cholis?

        thanks :)
        • Hello ..
          yes it could be long or short choli.. same necklines can be used on short or long choli.. mostly slim ladies pefer short choli.. with sari.. but big womens mostly wear long choli.. its depend choice of person.. if you wearing lehenga choli.. or chunari or dupatta... its has to be long choli most of time.. but with sari.. mostly use short choli.. mostly its popular with same fabric of sari.. every sari have 80cm long fabric attach for make sari blouse.. but some time.. for big ladies 80cm is not enough they need 1 meter or more.. but if we cut 1 meter from sari length.. sari will be more short.. and big waist womens need full length of sari.. that is why for big womens.. they use same color silk.. or cotton choli.. in indian womens they only use sari fabric or silk or cotton.. stain is only popular if sari is in satin.. or with lehenga choli.. if you makingt choli with sari fabric or silk.. you must linned it with cotton.. its not only make more pretty its also stand better wise looking.. some time sari is in georgette, chiffon or silk.. it could be see through.. so you must line it.. with cotton...

          also remeber if you making choli yourself.. necklines must be sewed with hand as turpan.. or it will not perfect fits.. some designs can be worn or tie back.. but most choli is open or worn from front...

          we have more designs of neckline of choli.. i hope i will scan them as soon as possible and post in this tribe.. if you have any suggestion.. please reply with this email...

          Remember you can order any color choli in any fabric with your own measurments on or email to
    • Actually, the Brits' influence in many regions of India is that the women wear cholis at all!
      Before, a lot of them went topless - and it was the most normal thing to do for them.

      Not all cultures have a breast fetish ;-) For some cultures, breasts are more functional (feeding babies).

      There are different lengths and different styles.
      I noticed in Sri Lanka, that cholis are way more cut out in the back than in India.

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