Kalidar Salwar kameez

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Kalidar Salwar kameez were most popular in arround 18th and 19th Centuries.. It was most popular from Tradtional dancer.. This costume were worn with Churidaar pants and small Nehru type Topi(cap). Kali is Mean Gore Wedge shaped, Tringular piece of cloth. As you used in Umbrella.. so This Kalidar Kameez is made with 4 peaces of kali so its more flared in bottom of kameez arround waist and hips part. Its more look like Umbrella cut Tunic kameez.
Since British govt rules India.. most indians womens truns with British fashion. it was out of fashion. but arround 1950 its again comes in fashion with Slex pants. Slex is much tighter pants from European culture which look more familier to Churidar. but arround 1970 Indian fashion turn back with tradtional salwar kameez. but Kalidar kameez is were still out of fashion.
Some traditional kathak costumes still use kalidar kurta..In gujarat mens use this kind of Kurta with churidar for tradtional flok wear.
So its very tradtional word "Kalidar salwar kameez" and out of fashion in these days. but some web pages still use words and name but as i search out its not even close to kalidar kameez. Its confuse some buyers who really dont know about what is kalidar kameez. So next time you buying Kalidar kameez you Remeber its more look like umbrella kameez.
You can order any time exact kalidar kameez from India bazaar with choosing custom salwar kameez or sending inquery on The perfect fabric for Kalidar kameez is only cotton. becuase silk, chiffon, georgette is not flatred like cotton. But if you choosing to buy in silk. chiffon or georgette fabric dont ask to line this kameez with cotton to get elegent look..
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    I posted picture of diagram of Kalidar salwar kameez in photo section.. i wish i could do more better.. but reading this text and picture.. i hope you will understand it.. if you want to know more about any kind of indian clothing.. i can try to discirbe about it..

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